Wednesday, August 15, 2007


All right, okay. Libraries are about information. All kinds of information. Some of this new information comes too fast or when I don't want it. Some of it is too silly for me. Most of it I simply do not care about. Right now. But, it is all good to know in case a patron wants it. After all, a lot of people read things I would throw away. All kinds it takes.
After all this time and effort and the guilt, yes I felt guilty when I wasn't 2.0ing and felt guilty when I was, I don't get anything except knowledge for knowledge's sake. I don't get anything CEUs because you don't think Circulation staff have enough education to continue with. It should be known, it should be written that we did this too. It should go towards a promotion.


ALLRIGHT!!!!!!This is what I'M talking about! Just look at all those books. And people I get them when I want them. They don't rss or pop in when I don't want them. After all, I am so old school all I want from my library is books. (sorry).

pod casts

I am not ready for this. I do not want podcasts popping up with new stuff and getting in my way. I don't want to be told to close all applications because there isn't enough room to do our regular work. But if I ever need a podcast they are certainly well organized. Podcast has a directory and Yahoo has a catalogue. IF I need one at least I can find one, I hope.

u toob

I tried the howto & diy. This might be helpful but it doesn't have an index. I used the subject line and it gave a lot on half the topic. I used "repair skates" and got a lot of boobtube on skaters and the stupid stuff and nothing on fixing the skate after you dulled it up and covered it in blood by ramming it into your partner's face. The tube seems to me to be for entertainment of the silly kind. I would never tell a patron to try it as a reference tool.

number 19

From the Web 2 awards I found Zillow. Zillow is a real estate site. This will be totally useful as we gear up for BRAC. Wonder of wonders, the first thing one sees is a home listed in Darlington! This thing is national and we are right up there. My lucky day to have this show up during my exploration.

Monday, August 13, 2007


All right. I looked at it. I'll keep it in mind too. It will be useful IF it will go from works to word. I don't have time to investigate right now, though and I do not need this right now. I looked. I saw. I liked it. I'll be back.

Sand Box # 17

Okay, I posted to the "sandbox" wiki. I found an apropos wiki about cats and sandboxes. enough said.